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The Strong Password Club
A real-time password analysis tool showing what's strong & weak about any given password and offers improvement suggestions. StrongPasswordClub uses multiple hacking methodologies to figure the amount of trouble/difficulty caused by the given password.
• Lean away from using any portion or distortion of your name, including spouse, children, and/or pets.
• For those who prefer to use only letters, go long. If you're merging multiple words, misspell them or insert spaces in weird places.
• If non-alpha characters are tolerable, throw in a number or symbol in the middle of words. Don't bother with the common letter/symbol replacements (like LeetSpeak), just 'insert' something odd.  7doM[in]oes 
• Padding works by repeating a character multiple times to strengthen by length.  ru-biKcuuube    ***2Ji(gsaw 
• For the more complex folks, there are symbol patterns  I|[:.Δ.:]|I  or a fish  ><(((('> .J  or go exotic  ¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°˘°º§ϱ.
We offer a free API (RESTful service) for evaluating passwords on-demand [documentation]. This is a far better option than enforcing rules requiring the use of certain case, letters, numbers, et cetera, which increases one's ability to compromise that system's passwords.
A brief article on password cracking capabilities using free software tools [May2013].

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Legal Stuff: We do not record, store, sell, or share any passwords entered here. We are not responsible for what you do with this information.
And the usual… this is for educational purposes only; do not try this at home; no flash photography; be kind to all forms of life. Velocius quam asparagi conquantur.